February: Heart Health Month & Kids


February is heart month.  It’s Valentine’s Day, reminding us that our hearts beat with love for our families, pets, and friends.  In addition, February is also a reminder that our hearts need to be exercised and strengthened every day – and we need to start when we are children.  Children are natural movers and shakers!  However, there are so many distractions that can pull kids away from running and playing.  Instead they turn to sitting and staring at a screen, moving only their eyes and fingers.  Unfortunately, obesity and the beginnings of diabetes can creep into a child’s health if exercise is not encouraged. 



We all know that exercise has many benefits; i.e., lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, reduce anxiety and stress, increase respiration and heart rate.  The heart beats faster and harder with aerobic activity.


How can the addition of music to an exercise program act like a super vitamin boost? 


  • Music is motivating (dopamine is a brain chemical that helps people to feel engaged).
  • Music increases enjoyment.
  • Music energizes - and energy breeds energy!
  • Music delays fatigue.  It increases energy, which encourages exercising longer and harder.
    The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends cardio exercise for toddlers at 60 minutes a day and for preschoolers at 120 minutes a day.  Here are some musical ideas for adding motivating fun to children’s exercise programs:
    Toddler Gym CD – dancing, playing, listening, following directions, learning new skills, move with better coordination.


    All-Time Favorite Dances CD – dancing is a joyful and fun way to get aerobic exercise.  These easy-to-learn dances will also encourage good social skills, improve memorization, rhythm, and motor skills.


    Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun CD – critical developmental movement patterns set to upbeat music will prepare children for more advanced exercise.


    Ribbons & RhythmsCD– rhythmic routines with ribbons, scarves and streamers incorporate cardio movements set to very exciting, motivating music.



    Rockin’ AerobicsCD – jump-start their hearts and their brains with heart-healthy fitness activities – guaranteed to get kids moving!


    Multicultural Movement Fun CD – aerobic dances and movement songs use parachutes, bean bags and rhythm sticks, to add to the fun. Children will not only benefit from the exercise, but also learn about other lands and cultures.  A heart-warming addition to any fitness program!






    You’ll find hundreds of Kimbo CDs, and even an entertaining selection of dance fitness DVDs, to get your kids jumping and moving.  Give your children the gift of heart-healthy movement fun.  What a great way to show some love and caring this Valentine’s Day!



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