I Had a Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream.  He dreamed of freedom, justice and equality for all.  He dreamed of brotherhood.  Dr. King became famous because he worked tirelessly and sacrificed for what he believed.  His words became famous too, and we remember them today.  He received the highly esteemed Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

We commemorate Martin Luther King Day on January 21, 2013 this year.  It is a National holiday to recognize the service of this great man and honor his life.  He was born on January 15, 1929.
Martin Luther King, Jr., was an advocate of a non-violent approach to making the changes he dreamed of.  Perhaps this would be a good day to think about promoting peaceful approaches to working and playing with others and eradicating bullying.  There are all types of bullying.  Define bullying and discuss what you can do to help eliminate it.  You may find you are a witness to bullying; you may experience bullying, or even be part of bullying others.  Talk about how you can help stop bullying.  What can you do, and who can help you?
To honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., Americans in all 50 states will celebrate a National Day of Service on January 19.  How will you volunteer your time?
How will you remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his heartfelt, powerful vision of peace and justice?  How will you help build bridges of kindness and of understanding?
Musical tie-ins...


Celebrate with Track 5: I Had A Dream


Celebrate and learn with Track 16: Martin Luther King and Track 17: Martin Luther King Had a Dream

Songs address important, timely issues such as respect, responsibility, caring, cooperation, conflict resolution and anti-bullying.

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