Veterans Day is a Federal Holiday observed in the United States on November 11 th every year.

We celebrate the dedication and loyalty of our Armed Service Veterans; they protect our freedom. These men and women are our heroes.

Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day because that day commemorated the end of World War One. It occurred on the 11 th hour of the 11 th day of the 11 th month. WWI was thought to be the end of all wars when the Armistice was declared, but unfortunately more wars were to follow. So the name was changed to Veterans Day to honor our service people, both living and dead.

Thank you to all our Veterans. We appreciate your sacrifice more than you will ever know.

How will you celebrate Veterans Day? I went to a parade in my City, and waved a little American flag. It was very moving, and I was so proud of everyone who marched and rode in the floats. A High School marching band carried a really huge American flag stretched out between many young people. They waved it back and forth to the patriotic music of our armed forces. It was beautiful.

Later in our Veterans Park, I saw a painting of a young man handing a folded flag to an older person who was receiving it in memory of her fallen son, and I saw a photograph of the word, HERO, with the scars of a Viet Nam Veteran superimposed inside the letters. My husband bears the scars that were used in the photograph.

Encourage your children to make a flag, write a thank you note, read a story, send a care package, and show gratitude to those who serve our country.

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