5 Activities to Promote Heart Health

These 5 fun cardiovascular activities from ACLS.net 
promote a healthy heart and help contribute to your 
overall well-being. Add music enrich these activities.


1. Running. Activities and familiar songs to sing-along to while running:

2. Yoga. CDs for kid-friendly yoga…

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Music and Mindfulness

"Listening to music is a wonderful opportunity to practice mindfulness. Every song is completely different and there really are limitless opportunities to explore. There are so many different aspects of music we can gently guide our focus towards. Simply enjoy…

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Connecting Music and Literacy By Pam Schiller, Ph.D.

Music is an integral part of a quality early childhood curriculum. It plays a role in the following:  

In setting the tone of the classroom in developing skills and concepts. 
In helping children make transitions. 
In building a sense…

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February: Heart Health Month & Kids


February is heart month.  It’s Valentine’s Day, reminding us that our hearts beat with love for our families, pets, and friends.  In addition, February is also a reminder that our hearts need to be exercised and strengthened every day… Read more

Spring has Sprung

  Spring is a season of re-growth, of baby animals, flowers in bloom and green grass, butterflies and bees, fresh fruits and vegetables at nearby farm stands and, sunshine and rain.  Longer days, warmer temperatures and blue skies encourage… Read more

I Had a Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream.  He dreamed of freedom, justice and equality for all.  He dreamed of brotherhood.  Dr. King became famous because he worked tirelessly and sacrificed for what he believed.  His words became famous too,…Read more

Kimbo Cares About Kids

During this Holiday season, the Kimble Family and their Staff want to reinforce their wish for the continued well-being of all children and their families.

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