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Kimbo Educational 


Kimbo specializes in music and movement, with an emphasis on providing musical resources for early childhood. Kimbo's award-winning line of CDs offer a creative and fun way for kids to learn. We believe that learning through music is a playful approach that makes learning more memorable and motivating. 

The late Bob Kimble, and his wife, Gert Kimble, founded Kimbo Educational over 60 years ago after successfully launching and marketing a dance record company. Branching out to the educational market in 1958 was a natural extension of the work they were already famous for. Today, Gert and sons, Jim and Jeff, continue the long-established tradition of excellence. Gert is the Company C.E.O., Jim serves as Kimbo's President, and Jeff is the Company Vice President. 

Kimbo is renowned for a wide range of diverse categories and musical sounds. Our themes include singable songs, dances, musical play activities, aerobics, brain-based exercises, literacy, math, history, science, special needs, bilingual and more! Our goal is to provide resources to support intentional and purposeful teaching. Our hope is to help you do your job, meet essential requirements and standards, and together make a difference for children.

Music is a great tool for introducing and teaching basic skills, academics, even to reinforce classroom management.” - By Laurie Monopoli, The Learning Station