Happy Labor Day

When I was growing up Labor Day was considered the end of summer.  We closed the lazy, hazy days with picnics and family gatherings.  We were told it was not correct to wear white shoes or dresses after Labor Day, and the biggest change was that school began the very next day.  Out came our new Fall clothing, we covered our books with brown paper bags, and we prepared for the long structured school days ahead.  What began as a Federal Holiday in 1894 to recognize the economic and social contributions of workers soon became a day to celebrate the transition to back to school.  We reunited with class mates who had been away, planned after-school activities, and attended football and basketball games.  It was all good.

Today, in many parts of the country, back-to-school begins earlier than Labor Day -and white is worn all year long if we want to!  It’s different, but yet the same.   We still enjoy Labor Day with friends and family, vacations come to a close, and school time is back in full swing and once again the focus of family life.  It has its own sense of excitement and purpose.  Choosing our school supplies and meeting our new teachers is a time charged with excitement. 

 Stores feature backpacks and school supplies from pencils to calculators and computers, and some even offer free haircuts!  Colorful and unique book covers decorate the aisles, but we may not even use print the same way; books and lessons plans may be electronic.  Different, but the same, we still have the goal of educating our children, and helping them to grow and to thrive. 

Kimbo CDs and DVDs are not seasonal, they meet your needs all year long, but back-to-school is exciting for Kimbo too!We know that curriculum-based products such as “Moving to Math” and “Science Songs”, and “Rockin’ Reading Readiness”promote learning through music and movement, and will be especially in demand. Also, kids will need more structured physical activity to refresh their brains – there’s less time to play and move around.Bean Bag Boogie”, “Rockin’ Aerobics” and“Dancin’ Feet Fever” will get students up and moving and better able to learn.

From summertime to back-to-school, Kimbo has 100’s of CDs for every purpose. From “Car Songs” to “Shakin’the Chute”, Kimbo has it all, whether you purchase a download or a physical CD. Shop the Kimbo web site, www.kimboed.com for Back-to-School, and enjoy the Labor Day Holiday on Monday, September 3rd.

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