Take a Movement Break and Switch on Your Brain with RONNO


Use movement anytime to get the brain humming and the body pumping:

  1. Everyone drink some water. Have your students imagine they are plants drinking the water. Imagine sucking the water up through your toes, with the water going all the way up your legs to your arms, fingers, and brain.  Remember to drink the water slowly so it doesn't go out your roots too quickly.
  2. Have your students rub the soft tissue area just below the collarbone (to the right and left of the sternum) for about 30 seconds. This brings blood to the brain.
  3. Get your students to alternately touch opposite hand to opposite knee, or right hand to left foot, followed by left hand to right foot.  Students can be encouraged  to kick their legs back and try touching opposite hand to opposite foot. These movements can be done sitting or standing, with eyes open or closed.

COOL DOWN: Have your students sit with legs crossed. Then cross arms on chest, making an “X.”  Students gently press their tongue to the roof of their mouth to relax their body and prepare their brain for easier learning.

This warm-up routine can be enhanced by playing upbeat children's songs such as, Track 10. “I Like Me ” or  Track 14. “The Best Me” on RONNO's Character Development Songs for Kids CDs. 

Click on the Character Development image to preview songs and purchase instant downloads of this music, or, visit: Kimboed.com to order a physical CD 


Other RONNO songs that can be played which already incorporate movements for children to follow are: 

“Jump Start for the Queen of Hearts,” “I Can Dance,” “It's Alright,” “Pelican Polka,” and "Twist Stop Hop"

from Jump Start Action Songs CD: Download or Physical CD

“Tongue-Twister Twist” from Rockin' Reading Readiness CD: Download or Physical CD

“Poor Princess Polly” from Castles, Knights, & Unicorns CD: Download or Physical CD



RONNO, is a popular singer, songwriter, and educator who has won many awards for his fun and valuable music for children. RONNO (aka Ron Hiller) earned his B.A. at the University of Waterloo and his B.Ed. at the University of Western Ontario. He has performed his playful and energetic music and movement shows all over the U.S., Canada and much of Southeast Asia. RONNO is Kimbo's extraordinary label artist, and has produced 14 CDs, 1 DVD, and two instructional teacher's manuals.

RONNO strongly believes that whatever children learn through music, they will remember it better and believe it more deeply; especially if it touches their emotions. Music is stored in our long-term memory, and children learn more naturally when music and movement are combined with concepts.

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