Here’s a “heads up” on two upcoming CDs you will definitely want to know about. They are coming soon!

Kimbo has a purpose in mind for all of their new releases.  We choose new productions because of their value to your children and their value as a useful resource.  We are excited about these CDs and we had to share the news with you right away. 

Dancin’ Feet Fever is exciting!  The music and dances will motivate your kids to get up and move in ways that will work their muscles, improve coordination, and add joy to their days.   How do you get your kids away from the computer and the TV?  How do you refresh them and jump start their brains again?  If they love the music and songs they hear, and the dance steps are easy and fun, your kids will not only be willing, they will want to do something good for themselves.  The guide offers easy choreography for children 5 and up, but little ones will enjoy just moving to the beat and feeling the rhythms.  This is one of our all-time favorite collections.  Share the party, get fit together, play the music and do some dancing!

Choreographed guide by fitness and dance instructor, LeAnn Haggard.

Song Titles:
1.  Get The Party Started
2.  Cupid Shuffle
3.  Cotton-Eye Joe
4.  Cha Cha Slide
5.  Techno Matrix
6.  Born This Way
7.  Cleveland Shuffle
8.  Latin Mambo
9.  Boot Scootin' Boogie
10. Monster Mash
11. Latin Mambo (Instr)
12. Techno Matrix (Instr)
13. Cotton-Eye Joe (Instr)
Go Green!  This means so much more today.  Recycling will always be important.  However, going green is also about caring about our Earth because we have been inspired by our connection to the earth.  We need to get outdoors and enjoy nature, plant a garden, play outside, fly a kite, feel the wind, touch the earth, hike some trails, wander through woods.  We want to become conservators of the earth, learn about it, appreciate it, and preserve it.  Studies are showing that the benefits for each of us will be personally meaningful and healthy, and the benefits to our Earth will be outstanding.

The extended guide, by Dr. Pam Schiller, includes lyrics, activities and literature links.  The songs are fun and reflect current thinking about going green.


Song Titles:
1.  Go Green
2.  Play Outside
3.  Get Yourself Movin' Around
4.  The Wind
5.  My Kite
6.  I'm Gonna Plant A Garden
7.  My Chance To Dance
8.  Cultivate, Germinate, Irrigate, Relocate
9.  I Can Care
10. Reduce It! Or Reuse It! Or Recycle It!
11. What Can I Do About Pollution?
12. My Brother, The Whale
13. It's Everyone's World
Both CDs can be found on the Kimbo web site:, and will be available in September.


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