2012 Olympics

I just listened to our Olympic female gymnastic team members being interviewed after winning the gold medal.  It was very interesting that many of these awesome young women said they were motivated to become serious gymnasts by watching the 2004 Olympics.  In fact, they watched the taped events over and over again, memorizing the moves and practicing them.  It made me wonder about determination and strength of mind and body.  At just 8 years of age or so, these young girls decided right then that they would one day be performing and competing in front of the world.  Why did they choose to work so hard, give up the usual ordinary pursuits, and consistently push themselves to new levels? They always showed up.  They are athletes who are extraordinarily motivated, fit and fine- tuned. 

Children begin early in life by playing.  Later they are introduced to more structured exercise, and hopefully this becomes a way of life.  Maybe they like to play a sport, dance, do yoga, work out, and yes, they may even want to compete.  It begins with play, but with guidance and perseverance, fitness becomes a healthy habit.  Only a few will become world champions, but we are all winners if we get up and move.  Congratulations to all of the athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics!  I wish I could be in London to cheer them all on.  Instead I am glued to the TV, along with 8 year olds who will dream about one day marching with their team on opening day at a future Olympics event.
In my opinion everyone participating is a winner, medal or not.  By the way, I am so proud of the USA team members, every one of them, just for working so hard, for so long.  They are not only athletes, they support and encourage one another and share goals and ideals.

Let’s begin small.  Give the gift of movement to our little ones and they will grow in active children and later, adults.  Kimbo specializes in music and movement, from Diaper Gym to Dancin’ Feet Fever, from Leaping Literacy to Rockin’ Aerobics.  Kimbo has hundreds of motivating CDs that are really fun, but whose purpose is to help kids get up and grow.  Top educators and fitness experts write valuable activities that will help children to develop their motor skills and strengthen their bodies.  Healthy habits….happier kids….Kimbo.

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